Career Opportunities

Boost Mobile by Atvanced

The iconic well-known Boost Mobile brand has been around for 18 years. Boost Mobile has been on the up rise and brand presence is stronger than ever. This brand presence places Boost Mobile in best opportunity of any wireless carrier in terms of customer growth. This is not only because it’s the most recognized brand of any carrier today, but it is due to the fact that we have much room for improvement. This means opportunity for you! When joining our team, you will be proud to wear the bright lively hexachrome orange that lights up our streets; the chirp that once ruled the industry and our passionate culture that is rivaled by any. If you have a need or want of being part of something greater than wireless, then Boost Mobile by Atvanced is for you! Along with being the leader in ground breaking deals, promotions, the best value in wireless period, you will be part of the number 1 team in the Greater Philadelphia and one of the tops in the country!

Job Description

You are a beast, a natural, an expert on the product and services you are offering. You built a relationship with the customer by listening and asking open ended questions. While being polite and professional, you gave them your professional recommendation as mobile sales consultant and are ready to get them started. You and your customers may have doubts and questions arise, so you clear the air and elaborate on what they may not understand. Once clarity is reached you gathered all the information, activate their devices and ring them up. You seek that this newly acquired customer refers you to others so you make sure that you provide a world class customer service via transferring contacts, data, and make sure they understand what they signed up for in terms of plan choice and phone recommendation, when their bill is due, show them a little bit about the phone, make sure their iCloud or Gmail are setup and finally, make sure they walk out protected. This is the beginning. Now you are part of an endless revenue stream because not only that have you built an everlasting relationship, but you have built a solid customer base that will always recommend you because of you! Sounds easy right? It really is! Of course, if you put the effort to learn and master the basics. There is more to it than just this, but our main objective is to make you money and make sure you are happy… Why? Because if you prosper, we prosper! Period!

Responsibilities/ Duties

As with any job, sports team, collaboration effort or anything you do, there is always the dirty work. Trust me this is the easy part and you will feel pride in what you do and what you stand for by having valor in the dirty work! Besides who want to be in a dirty, messy and a chaotic environment full of all sorts of unknown creatures? Or maybe feel like no one is on your team and everyone one is out to get you? Or where administration is just using you? Here at Atvanced, you do your part, we do ours. Period!

  • Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction by being knowledgeable on all products and services offered.
  • Consult with new and existing customers in order to determine their wireless service needs and make a professional recommendation.
  • Ability to team up with co-workers to provide excellent sales service by assisting in co-workers needs to move customer out as fast as possible.
  • Ability to maintain monthly sales goals and quotas by consistently adapting to changes in promo, rules, prices, industry changes and fine-tuning sales pitch and process.
  • Prioritize sale while handling customer service issues in a timely and professional manner.
  • Able to carry at least 30 pounds (security gate, inventory boxes, etc.)
  • Ability to work independently as well as be a team player
  • Directly responsible for ensuring sales accuracy of daily cash drawer and sales accuracy with customers
  • Ability to stand long periods.
  • Ability to multitask in fast paced environments
  • Ability to maintain clean and organized
  • Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends and holidays
  • Ability to work in other locations as the needs of the business dictate or may be required (within 20 minutes)
  • Ability to work outside for store events.
  • Ability to maintain a happy and positive environment despite any circumstance or obstacle that comes your way.
  • Assist with inventory maintenance, store presentation and any floor movement related matter.
  • Any other assigned duties for store or market goals as outlined by the District Manager, Store Manager or Sales Lead.

Preferred Qualifications

The wireless industry, especially at Boost Mobile by Atvanced, can be very challenging as you can see. This is not your ordinary job but if you are goal or money driven, you can be very successful. So, you may ask. What are we looking for?

  • Experience – Our environment is very fast pace and opportunity can slip right by you, therefore; one or more years of sales experience in a quota driven environment is strongly preferred. Opportunity in sales comes from servicing our customers. Customer service is also a big part of what we are looking for. Wireless experience is a plus. Spanish speaking is preferred. Tech savvy personnel are always welcomed.
  • Cash handling– At least one-year experience in handling cash transactions although if you can count fast with no error and are organized in doing so, this isn’t difficult to learn.
  • Mathematical Skills – Customers can quickly change their mind when giving them a professional recommendation which in turn changes the price on what they need. Having the ability to add, subtract, multiply and use percentages at a sudden notice will be essential. This ensures you are giving the customer the best bang for their buck within each individual’s budget at a sudden notice.
  • Computer Literacy and Clerical Skills-Technology is key. That’s why we require proficient use of PC and software (Basic MS Office, Typing, Email, basic computer operation), point of sales systems experience is always welcomed. Promotions, rules, prices and procedures change all the time so it’s important to keep an eye on these things so you may always at your A game.
  • Reasoning, Problem solving and People Skills– We are all different. People Skills, Reasoning and Problem Solving is key to make sure customers always walk out with a smile no matter what the situation maybe. Together we are strong. Teamwork and working well with others are keys to being successful as a whole. Charisma is always a plus.
  • Education– A high school diploma is essential.
  • Work Hours– Our team will support and invest their time on you so it’s important to show them your commitment by working retail hours. Retail hours means having the availability to work weekend and holidays.

What we offer

  • Above average base pay
  • Competitive commission structure
  • Wholesale price employee discount
  • Frequent company events
  • Volume locations which equals more sales for you
  • Our Atvanced Guarantee that you are part of more than just business with the opportunity to learn, earn and grow.

Provisions in these job descriptions may be changed or modified without prior notice at any time, at the Company’s sole discretion.